We’re Up!

ConsensusBest.com is now online! It’s a place where people with a passion for everything from kitchen knives to tread mills research all the most trusted, independent sources and come up with a list of the “Consensus Best” ones. In doing so, we save you a bunch of time by cutting through the information clutter, and bring you insights that no search engine alone can provide. But we don’t just tell you about the best products, we also show you where you can buy them near you. We’re aiming to provide the missing link between online research and local, in-store shopping, where the vast majority of purchases still take place.

It’s a work in progress. With a combination of hard work and insight from a knowledgeable community of users, we hope to quickly add new features, and expand our product categories and the reach of local store listings. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find on the site right now:

1. More than 300 product recommendations in six categories arranged by price category, including baby products and cell phones with more being added all the time.

2. Category-by-category listings of the criteria that went into determine the best products and some insight into our research.

3. Local store listings of retailers that carry ConsensusBest-listed products. We have about 150 retailers in some 300 locations in the 56 zip codes of our home-base in New York’s mid-Hudson Valley. Users outside our area can still view our product listings and access data on locations near them of national retailers. We plan to quickly expand the geographic reach and the comprehensiveness of our local store data.

4. A place for users to share their own thoughts and opinions on a particular product or category.

So, check out the site and let us know what you think. Through a combination of hard work and feedback from knowledgeable users, we plan to make Consensusbest.com the consumer’s trusted source of information on the best products and where to buy them locally.

Check back here or subscribe to our blog feed for updates on new interactive features, product categories, and local store coverage areas.


The ConsensusBest Team


1 Response to “We’re Up!”

  1. 1 AhmedF September 27, 2006 at 4:10 pm

    Interesting site, found this through the trackback on Screenwork.

    Suggestion: Get a nicer design. I know there are the classic examples as Craigslist, but they were established a long time ago. And put some focus on the search box, it almost disappears.


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