Google – Froogle + Base = More Product Info in Google Search Results

There’s been plenty of talk today about Google’s plans to better integrate Google Base data into Google search results. This makes sense given that most product searches are happening in the main Google search box and not in Google’s shopping vertical, Froogle.

It also makes perfect sense, then, to put product reviews in there right alongside other, structured product information in the organic results and make the whole search experience more efficient for active shopping researchers. So, we weren’t surprised to see a Google house ad atop results for the “product reviews” query that encourages the uploading of reviews to Base.
We’ve talked before about the appeal of structured data in general, and Microformats in particular, for serving up all kinds of product and review information. It will be interesting to see how Google’s efforts here and the competing Microformats (which are used by Yahoo! Tech, for one) movement play out.

In the meantime, we’ll likely be doing some bulk uploading of our recommendations in hopes of putting some trusted review information and local store data in front of searchers next to other product information.


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