More Proof that there’s Plenty of Time to be Saved in Online Research

From Greg Sterling comes word of a joint study from Yahoo! and the Consumer Electronics Association there was some compelling, if familiar, data showing that nearly three-quarters of shoppers who research electronics on the Internet end up buying the product at a bricks-and-mortar store. That jibes with the number we’ve been using in our pitch to retailers and consumers that we got last year courtesy of The Kelsey Group (not coincidentally, Sterling’s former employer).

But we were even more interested in the findings that related to just how much time people spend doing this research. According to the study, folks spend an average of 12 hours digging through an average of six manufacturer and/or retailer sites before deciding which product is right for them. It ranges from a low of 9 hours of research for cell phones to 15 hours for TVs. I know people who spend less time shopping for houses, but these numbers ring true to us as you can see in one example of our time spent researching the heck out of a particular category.

All of which is to say that there’s a lot of time that we can help you save by doing much of the research for you and pulling the findings together into one, easy-to-navigate site.

Not finding the body of the study itself, we’re left with one big question: did the people surveyed really only visit manufacturer and retailer sites? Hard to believe. How many review and/or editorial sites did they visit? Which ones? Being a Yahoo! study, I’m sure they were interested to know how many people used Yahoo! Tech, CNET, etc. It would be nice to know.


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