The Problem With Algorithms

Become.comIf you look at this screenshot, you’ll see one of the problems with the search-reliant product research approach. is a sometimes useful shopping/research search engine that recently added a bunch up upgrades, but it has its limitations.

In this example, the shopping silo on the right knows that I’m looking for the kind of crib that a baby sleeps in, but the research silo on the right is convinced that I’m interested in either the band or the MTV show of the same name. In fact, not one of the 27 results returned has to do with baby cribs, so the research engine clearly has no idea what I’m looking for.

To be fair, changing the query to “baby cribs” yields something closer to the results I want, but that requires a wasted query and wasted time. It’s a good example of why at ConsensusBest we favor the human approach. It’s more grudge work for us, but less for you. That’s the idea. It also doesn’t touch as many sources as a search engine, but as you can see, we think that’s a good thing.


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