New Product Category: Office Equipment & Furniture

Vitra .04 Armchair by Maarten Van Severen

We’ve kicked off our seventh category with six of the best desk chairs out there. Our list of consensus best recommendations includes chairs like the .04, above, and other examples of industrial design so sophisticated they belong in (and, in the case of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, can indeed be fuond in) museums. The list also includes more practical (and affordable) examples of the latest trends in ergonomics. The average desk jockey might not give too much thought to their desk chair (unless it’s so bad that it gives them back aches). But switching to the right chair will make you wonder how you went so long without. Indeed, in the case of the Steelcase Leap, a University of Texas study showed that workers who used it increased their productivity by nearly 18 percent. So sit back and relax (as best you can in your current chair , anyway 😉 ) and check out our latest list of product recommendations.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be adding more chairs to this list and more lists to the new Office Equipment& Furniture category, so stay tuned.


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