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Beware friendly PR folks bearing strange questions.

As a former newspaper reporter, I would have hoped to be more on my toes when a rep from a Boston PR firm called last month following the story in the PoJo. What was disconcerting was this was a woman who I’d traded e-mails with after I notified her that one of her clients had a product on a ConsensusBest-recommended list. I assumed that she was calling to follow-up on that front. She explained that her client wanted to know more about the site and, specifically, how we were funded. Hmmm, I thought, I guess they’re just trying to get a sense of how much stock to put in our recommendation (a lot, I’d suggest, since it’s based on thorough research of all the top expert and user sources).

Well, the very next day this comment appeared under the PoJo story, submitted by someone who’d created an account that morning and hasn’t posted anything since. It’s clear that this PR rep’s client wasn’t a manufacturer, but more likely a competitor with an axe to grind (the only one mentioned in the post? It’s anyone’s guess). In retrospect, I wouldn’t have said anything different. Contrary to what the comment insinuates, we’re very open about how we operate. I hope I made our case in responding to the comment which, motivations aside, raises legitimate issues which we’re happy to address.

Am I naive to hope for that same kind of honesty in return from others? Nah, I don’t think so. 🙂